Limited Edition Lowcountry Fine Art Photography … and other Southern Impressions

Southern Pathways
Street Jazz
Street Jazz
Up Close
Lone Barn by Marge Agin
Lone Barn
Gentle Soul by Marge Agin
Gentle Soul
Touch of Fall

Crabbing on the Creek

Fine Dining
Fine Dining by Marge Agin

This website showcases the fine art photography of professional photographer Marge Agin. All images are created in small signed editions. (see here for pricing) Her body of work includes a great many images from the Lowcountry, including the people, the foilage and the wildlife. Images have been created from Savannah, Palmetto Bluff, Charleston and many surrounding areas.

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Welcome to Bluffton, Palmetto Bluff and the Lowcountry – concert row seating to the best show on earth!

Spartina grass, pluff mud, cast nets, no-see-ums, dolphin, shrimp, ’gators, and loggerheads. Sippin’ on the sand bar and evening marsh glow. A thousand different sunsets and a million more sunrises.

Here, water and sky meet to make a masterpiece. Featuring Lowcountry Fine Art Photography by Marge Agin.