2nd Edition Book Release

What It Means To Be Here

Palmetto Bluff, Bluffton,
The Lowcountry and Beyond.

The lush landscape, the many waterways both large and small, the slant of the sun, and the overabundance of nature are some of the powerful lures that draw folks to the South and particularly the Lowcountry of South Carolina.

Photographer Marge Agin is one of those “folks.” In the pages of What It Means To Be Here, you will experience images that will resonate with you and underscore the beauty and character of this much beloved area.

To capture the heartbeat of an area, its community, its places and people is at the center of Marge Agin’s photography. To share within the pages of What It Means To Be Here those quiet walks in the Lowcountry woods of Palmetto Bluff, to navigate the waters of our beloved May River and to celebrate all that Bluffton has to offer with its charm, quirkiness and small town sensibilities will bring you joy as you turn the pages. See through Marge’s lens as she travels beyond her beloved Lowcountry in search of authentic images of today’s South.

So get comfortable, feel the breeze and enjoy What It Means To Be Here, Palmetto Bluff, Bluffton, The Lowcountry and Beyond.

“Photography has always been my passion. My photographs are unique because what I see through the camera is just a first step. When you look at my photographs, you are looking at them, through the lens of my imagination.”


About the Author:  Marge Agin has traveled the world taking photographs and now calls Bluffton, SC and the Lowcountry her home. Originally from California, she is fascinated by the wildlife, history, charm and lifestyle of the area. Using her camera to take the original photographs, Marge then enhances them with modern techniques, combining both her photographic knowledge and her artistic talent to produce strong, bright images evoking the feelings she has for her environment.


What It Means To Be Here will be available in area stores and from www.starbooks.biz.

This is the second edition of Marge Agin’s third book. Her first book, Palmetto Bluff was followed by Bluffton, Changing Tides. This book is followed by Bluffton State of Mind for a total of 4 books.