On the Cover of Local Life

Local Life Magazine

The journey had taken me through miles and miles of the South. It included multiple trips into Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Louisiana, Tennessee, Kentucky,Alabama, and Mississippi. In each state I sought out towns that would exemplify the essence of small town USA. I always started and ended in South Carolina’s Lowcountry, the place I live and love. In each and every town I spoke to the locals about their lifestyle and asked them how life was going for them. Needless to say the answers varied from health issues to the economy, but all agreed that they were pleased to be in these small rural areas.

My companions on these trips were my husband, 2 Canon DSLR cameras and an assortment of lens, from wide angle to telephoto. I am pleased to report we only had one casualty while traveling so many miles and constantly using the equipment in the rain, dirt, dust and hot sun. On one very hot day while trying to get the perfect photo of a beautiful old barn, the wide-angle zoom lens was run over by a car, my car to be exact, when I forgot I had laid it down in the shade in front of the car. Miracle of miracles the camera survived. I continued to take photographs of anything and everything that presented itself throughout our travels.

Needless to say I will always remember this specific image!