This website showcases the Lowcountry fine art photography of professional photographer Marge Agin.

All images are created in small signed editions. (see here for pricing) Her body of work includes a great many images from the Lowcountry, including the people, the foilage and the wildlife. Images have been created from Savannah, Palmetto Bluff, Charleston and many surrounding areas. Her work can be found in many upscale homes from Los Angeles to New York City. Some of the nations leading interior designers have chosen these images to place in their client’s homes and businesses.

Marge Agin, Lowcountry Fine Art Photographerabout

Photography has always been a passion of mine. After obtaining a Masters degree from UCLA in an unrelated major, I decided to change course and join the world of photography. My professional career began in Southern California. I worked as an event photographer, a photographic illustrator for a publishing company and a portrait photographer specializing in outdoor photography.

Today, I work exclusively in fine art photography and my travels have taken me around the world. Presently I reside in the Lowcountry of coastal South Carolina. The images and lifestyle of this area are fascinating. The scenery and surroundings are the basis of a good amount of my present work.

My work is an art form that encompasses the use of digital camera equipment and computer capabilities. The finished work combines my photographic talent, artistic imagination and production techniques that I believe are unique.

I have published four Lowcountry fine art photography books, “Palmetto Bluff”, “Bluffton Changing Tides”, “What It Means To Be Here”, and “Bluffton, State of Mind”.  All books are available thru Amazon, Lydia Inglett Publishing, and several local stores.

Welcome to Palmetto Bluff, Bluffton,
The Lowcountry and Beyond – concert row seating to the best show on earth!

To capture the heartbeat of an area, its community, its places and people is at the center of Marge Agin’s photography. To share within the pages of What It Means To Be Here those quiet walks in the Lowcountry woods of Palmetto Bluff, to navigate the waters of our beloved May River and to celebrate all that Bluffton has to offer with its charm, quirkiness and small town sensibilities will bring you joy as you turn the pages. See through Marge’s lens as she travels beyond her beloved Lowcountry in search of authentic images of today’s South.

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Welcome to Bluffton, Palmetto Bluff and the Lowcountry – concert row seating to the best show on earth!

Spartina grass, pluff mud, cast nets, no-see-ums, dolphin, shrimp, ’gators, and loggerheads. Sippin’ on the sand bar and evening marsh glow. A thousand different sunsets and a million more sunrises.

Here, water and sky meet to make a masterpiece. Featuring Lowcountry Fine Art Photography by Marge Agin.

Marge Agin, Lowcountry Fine Art Photography Book Bluffton State of Mind